Food Category Glycemic Index Rank
Wafer (with fruit) Chocolate and Sweets 77 High
Waffle Chocolate and Sweets 76 High
Watermelon Vegetables And Fruits 72 High
Wheat (boiled) Nutrients, Cereals And Pulses 41 Low
Wheat flake biscuits Breakfast Cereals 69 Medium
Wheat roti High-Carbohydrate Foods 62 Medium
White bread Nutrients, Cereals And Pulses 70 High
White bread (average) Bread 72 High
White cabbage Vegetables And Fruits 15 Low
White flour (wheat) Other Carbs 70 High
White Grapes Vegetables And Fruits 45 Low
White pitta bread Bread 67 Medium
White rice (boiled) High-Carbohydrate Foods 73 High
White rice, easy cook, boiled Other Carbs 49 Low
White wheat (boiled) High-Carbohydrate Foods 75 High
Whole wheat/whole meal bread High-Carbohydrate Foods 74 High
Whole-grain pumpernickel bread Bread 46 Low
Wholemeal bread (average) Bread 73 High
Wholemeal flour (wheat) Other Carbs 70 High
Wholemeal pastry. cooked Other Carbs 45 Low
Wholemeal pitta bread Bread 63 Medium
Wholemeal Spaghetti, boiled Other Carbs 37 Low
Wine gums Chocolate and Sweets 78 High


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