What is the Goal?
Health is an important issue. glycemic index is also an indispensable part of healthy nutrition. The most important aim of this website is to raise awareness and give information about the glycemic index of foods.

How the Data was Collected?
I searched the internet and collected glycemic index information from several websites. I clean the data, put together that data. I eliminate the commercial foods and make it true and accurate information. When I found different values for the same foods, I choose the highest value. Glycemic index values may change from source to source. It is like a refenrence data afterall. Please check any other source if you hesitate. You can connect with me also.

Who am I?
I'm a data architect working in the financial sector. I developed whole website myself as a side project. If you wannt to talk a any business with you can send mail (hello@glycemicindex.info) or send message from Linkedin account.


Visitors should be cautious about any recommendations given. Visitors are advised to conduct their own doctors before any decision. Use information at your own risk.

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